Navicelli Yacht Service

Navicelli Yacht Service provides a full range of services, as mainly storage, refit of boats and technical supervision of works. The shipyard is provided by a covered area of new sheds of 4500 square meters, and an external area of the same vastness, and also an exclusive basin able to accommodate boats until 50 meters long.

Among the equipments a 560 tons travel lift coms out, and also other 100 tons travel lift and a 100 tons motor truck.

The area is located a few minutes drive from the international airport of Pisa and from the Firenze-Pisa-Livorno motorway A12, at about 15 km from the city of Livorno and at 10 km from Pisa.

The storage and repairs activities are performed by a highly specialized team to guarantee every kind of intervention, of reparation, or total refitting for every boats.

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