Irrigation system


We offer irrigation systems suitable for private gardens and parks, as well as large agricultural areas, soccer fields, tennis courts and golf courses.
We offer our customers free consulting and inspection of the area that is to be irrigated, which follow up with project documentation. Based on the project documentation we then construct the irrigation system.
We also offer technical assistance, which includes: emptying of the systems before winter to avoid damage due to water icing in the system, and restart in the spring including dripper setup and – if required – programming of the electronics regulating the automatic irrigation.


The beauty of your garden depends on its design, the plants you grow there, but mostly on their growth as well as their green and fresh look.
In order to ensure the best possible conditions for your plants you need an irrigation system.
Our irrigation systems work quietly throughout the night, making it possible for you to enjoy the beauty of your garden during the day.
We offer you a wide selection of products that provide a solution for any type of plant arrangement: grassy areas, shrubbery of any size and also flower planters and pots.
Automation is regulated by electronic and battery programmers we use to set the watering intervals and amount of water to be used on a specific part of the terrain.
They come in different varieties as well. You can choose between interior and exterior water resistant ones.

Irrigation experts are sure to find the right solution for you every time.

Irigation system TORO - download PDF (11,05 MB)

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